The Lincoln Humanities Journal invites submissions for its special issue on the topic Strangers, Foreigners, and Aliens. Contributors may examine the issue of otherness as a philosophical and existential condition; the reality and representations of immigrants and foreigners in the political discourse, the arts, the humanities, the media, and the social sciences; the ethical, cultural, political, and social ambivalence toward immigrants; and the legal processes by which people are made to feel like outsiders or insiders. Approaches from across a broad range of disciplines are invited.

Topics might include

  • the experience and concept of strangeness, the other, and “us and them”
  • diasporas, crossing borders, memories, and identities
  • representations of foreigners in literature, cinema, television, social media, and political speech
  • refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, outsiders, aliens, foreigners, travelers, bohemians, exiles, and nomads
  • globalization and cosmopolitism
  • fear of foreigners and the rise of nationalism and xenophobia
  • politics of immigration, policies, state laws, and international laws
  • ethics and religions
  • the melting pot and assimilation
  • segregation, exclusion, xenophobia, and estranging ideologies
  • the social and economic impact of immigration

Submissions should be 4,000–6,000 words, including an abstract of 200–400 words, footnotes, and the works cited. A 50–250-word biographical note should also be included. Submissions are due by 15 June 2017. Articles should be submitted electronically to Abbes Maazaoui ( For additional guidelines and more information, please visit