The Hanford History Project at Washington State University Tri-Cities and Washington State University Press invite submissions for a multidisciplinary collection of essays titled Legacies of the Manhattan Project: Reflections on 75 Years of a Nuclear World.

The Manhattan Project was, arguably, the defining event in twentieth-century global history: After Hiroshima and Nagasaki the world could never be the same again. Yet only now, nearly seventy-five years later, are we beginning to understand the cataclysmic impacts of that seminal event. With the ongoing declassification of governmental records, increased access to historical archives, and the recent creation of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, it is an opportune time for a historical reconsideration of the key roles, decisions, outcomes and effects of this critical moment in history.

Possible topics include:

  • Environmental legacies of nuclear materials production
  • The politics of science, national security, and the state
  • Atomic diplomacy and the Cold War
  • The Manhattan Project National Historical Park: Memory, commemoration, and the challenges of public history
  • The Manhattan Project in popular culture
  • Diversity and difference: The contested spaces of the Manhattan Project and Cold War

Manuscripts must not exceed 7,000 words (including notes) and should conform to the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style. Submit the finished paper, a 250-word abstract, and a brief academic biography electronically as Word attachments to Michael.Mays@tricity.wsu.edu. Original essays from both established and emerging scholars are welcome.