Open Cultural Studies: Black Womanhood in Popular Culture

Open Cultural Studies seeks submissions for a special issue, Black Womanhood in Popular Culture. In contemporary popular culture, black womanhood frequently takes center stage. It occupies an increasingly central place and articulates new and renewed dimensions, prompting questions about the status of black women in the cultural imaginary of the United States and the world. Our special issue aims to examine the multifaceted ideological implications of this proliferation of black womanhood in popular culture. The contributions to this issue discuss representations and performances of black womanhood in the transatlantic sphere.

Contributions may address a broad range of topics pertaining to visual culture, material culture and bodily practices, literature, performances, or the arts. We welcome academic essays and images. Issues to be explored include:

  • Black women as cultural agents
  • Feminist agendas and their representation in cultural discourses
  • Epistemologies of black womanhood and systems of knowledge production
  • Afropessimisms and ontologies of black subjecthood
  • Histories and genealogies of representing black womanhood

Submit 500-word abstracts and biographical information to and by 15 January 2018. Manuscripts of 5,000–7,000 words are due by 1 May 2018.