Lincoln Humanities Journal

Lincoln Humanities Journal seeks submissions for its special issue on the topic Alternative Realities: Myths, Lies, Truths, and Half-Truths. Contributors are invited to examine (a) the truths of what is fact and what is fiction; (b) the real and the fake and their representations: art, illusion, and history; (c) the (mis)uses of deception; and (d) the ethical, cultural, political, and social ambivalence toward myths, lies, truths, and half-truths. Approaches across a broad range of disciplines are invited, and authors are encouraged to explore how this theme is represented in their own discipline, or how their discipline is affected by it.

Topics might include

  • fact and/or fiction; real, surreal, unreal
  • believable, unbelievable
  • deception, deceit, manipulation, entertainment
  • arts of illusion: film, theater, literature, virtual reality, extraterrestrial
  • myths, placebos, fakes, hoaxes, decoys
  • trust, mistrust, betrayal
  • plagiarism, disguise, misrepresentation, persona, masquerade
  • scientific myths, popular myths, beliefs
  • search for truth, voyeurism, undercover operations, spying, lie detectors
  • failure of ethics
  • concept of truth in philosophy and science
  • representations of alternative realities in literature, cinema, television, and mass media

Submissions should be 4,000–6,000 words, including a 200–400-word abstract, footnotes, and the works cited. A 50–250-word biographical note should also be included. Submissions are due by 15 June 2018. Articles should be submitted electronically to Abbes Maazaoui ( For additional guidelines and more information, please visit