Justice and Equity through the Immigrant Story

Proposals are invited for essays that address issues of justice and equity that emerge through the telling, writing, and remembering of the immigrant story in the writing classroom. Of particular interest are papers that explore how the immigrant experience provides a lens for pedagogies and classroom work in today’s colleges and universities. The editors seek both the practical and the theoretical: what has worked, what has not worked, as well as how these stories enhance learning and foster deeper understandings of social justice and advocacy, but above all how the immigrant experience can reframe pedagogical dialogues and educational policies in our institutions and across the United States. Send 500-word abstracts by 30 November 2017 to heather.ostman@sunywcc.edu; howard.tinberg@bristolcc.edu; and danizete@unm.edu. Contributors will be notified and 20–25-page (double-spaced) essays will be requested by 1 June 2018.