Critical Multilingualism Studies seeks submissions for its special issue on the topic of Multilingualism, Creativity, and the Arts. Translingual literature is the phenomenon of authors who, like Samuel Beckett, André Brink, and Vladimir Nabokov, write in more than one language or who, like Chinua Achebe, Joseph Conrad, and Ha Jin, write exclusively in a language other than their primary one. Some writers, such as Marc Chagall—who was a prolific artist, wrote poetry in Russian and Yiddish, and famously used his mixed languages and alphabets in his artwork—exhibit creative versatility in multiple art forms. Does translingual theory help us to understand what happens when an artist (of multiple media)—such as Jean (Hans) Arp and Breyten Breytenbach—is also multilingual?

Contributions (scholarly articles, interdisciplinary essays, or mixed-genre pieces) should focus on the relation between multilingualism and creative expression, as it is informed by theories or practices of multilingualism. Contributions in any language and from any discipline or combinations of disciplines are welcome. Multilingual and multimedia components are encouraged.

The deadline for submissions is 1 September 2018. The editors strongly recommend querying them by 1 May 2018 before submitting or finalizing a draft. Send any questions about a potential contribution to For additional informational, visit