The volume Predicting the Past: Worldwide Medieval Dream Interpretation, to be published in Brill’s Reading Medieval Sources series, aims to give a high-level survey and analysis of dream-books in the Middles Ages (400–1500 CE), in different parts of the world— Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas—and to explore their development, dispersal, and typologies. We also intend to investigate issues such as production, use, and audience according to different disciplinary perspectives (e.g., history, literature, art, and religion). We welcome reflections on the field—where it currently is and what the future approaches and debates might be. We are looking for well-sculpted essays that take engagement with dream-books as their main focus and use dream-books to shed light on particular aspects of medieval society and culture. To be part of the Reading Medieval Sources series, the source itself and its use, value, and application must be central to the essays. For scholars interested in contributing an essay, please consider the sections of the volume: (1) the different traditions of dream-books and their presence or role in different countries over the Middle Ages (Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Americas), the materiality of the source, different formats, illustrations, etc.; and (2) intersections of dream-books with art, literature, censorship, interpretation, symbology, divination, etc.

Please submit your abstract (500 words max.) and CV to Valerio Cappozzo ( by Sunday, 30 December 2018.